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The custom screen option allows up to three different operators to configure a total of 15 different screen formats to suit their individual preferences.Display brightness is fully adjustable to cover all operating conditions, from night to full sun.Control buttons for audible alarm shutoff, diagnostics windows, screen backlighting adjustment, and screen scrolling are indicated by SAE standard icons.Electronics and internal audible alarm are fully pressure-sealed to eliminate moisture and salt spray entry.Mechanical buttons are sealed separately from internal electronics for improved environmental protection.Extended operating and storage temperature limits have been increased to handle even the most extreme conditions (-40° C to +85° C [-40° F to +185° F]).Includes all functionality of the current MPD.

Product Features

• Single engine support

• Gauge styles identical to MPD — easy to understand 

 – digital, bar, analog, and status

• Each gauge image available in three view sizes (small, 

medium, or large)

• Visual and audible alarms for engine/transmission problems

• ISO symbols for non-English language

• Seven user selectable languages:

 – English

 – Spanish

 – German

 – French

• Screen customization via MPD Builder

• MSCS set speed windows (troll, slow vessel mode, synccruise)

• Vessel status bar indicating status of slow vessel mode, gear 

position, troll, sync, active station, and diagnostic

• Information screens

 – Engine Totals 

 – Control System Information

 – Exhaust Gas Temperatures

Design Features


• 320 x 240 resolution

• Viewing area — 78.3 mm w x 59.1 mm h (98.1 mm diagonal)

 [3.08 in w x 2.33 in h (3.86 in diagonal)]

• Double-edge lit, adjustable red backlighting — provides 

exceptional night viewing

• Four sealed switch inputs

Communication Interface

• One CAN data link supporting SAE J1939 protocol

External I/O

• One alarm output

 – 100 mA NC relay

Power Supply

• Wide range 9 to 32 VDC

• Reverse and transient voltage protected

Integral Audible Alarm

• Located on front face

 – Dutch

 – Italian

 – Portuguese

 – System Information

 – Engine Information

 – Engine Theft DeterrentLEDM8063-00

©2008 Caterpillar

All rights reserved.

Printed in U.S.A.

CAT, CATERPILLAR, their respective logos, “Caterpillar Yellow” 

and the POWER EDGE trade dress, as well as corporate and 

product identity used herein, are trademarks of Caterpillar and 

may not be used without permission.

Mechanical Features

With the same look and feel as the full-size MPD, the new, 

compact Mini MPD is a great way to save valuable dashboard 

space without sacrificing features.

• Easy to install 

• Panel and swivel style mounting systems

• Sealed to a minimum rating of (IP68) 5 psi for operation in the 

harsh marine environment

• Configuration via Caterpillar ET or directly from the display

• SAE J1939 communications

• ECU diagnostics

• MSCS diagnostics

• A single high-speed, two-wire data link carries all engine and 

transmission information from the engine electronic control unit to the monitor.

• The Cat Mini MPD is compatible with all currently available Cat electronically controlled marine engines from the C7 to the 3500C series.

• Up to eight Mini MPD locations can be supported.

Current trip totals and lifetime totals for operating hours, 

fuel consumption, and load factor are available.

Confi guration screen allows operator to select different users, 

English or metric units, and in the future, vessel speed measurement 

in either knots, miles per hour, or kilometers per hour. Screen format 

options include gauge (shown on cover), digital, or bar graph.

Double-edge lit