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The Powertrain Control Processor (PCP) is the main control processor of the Multi-Station Control System (MSCS). The PCP is responsible for the interface between the control stations, the engine ECM, and the transmission solenoids.The master station and control station CAN data links are used to communicate with the control stations, either Integrated Control Head or Control Station Processor utilizing the proprietary communication data link.There may be only one control station on the master control station data linkand up to 7 control stations on the control station data link. The control stations will supply the PCP with throttle position (0 – 100%), gear select (ahead, neutral, astern), and button states.There are 5 buttons available at the control station; Station Active, Throttle Sync, Slow Vessel Mode, Gear Lockout, and Troll. The Troll button is an optional feature depending upon the presence of an Electronic Troll Processor. Each button has a corresponding indicator lamp; the PCP will turn on each lamp via the proprietary data link when the button function is active. The port and starboard SAE J1939 communication links are the public data links used for serial data communications with the engine ECM, MarinePower Displays, Electronic Troll Processors, and Caterpillar ET or WinFlashservice tools. Each data link is separate and independent from the other.